Straight from the Source

Much of my aches and pains are stress induced, and she is always able to help refresh and re-energize me with her fantastic massages!  I love her holistic approach, which includes essential oils and stretches, making the experience incredibly thorough. I think some of the most underrated aspects to any great massage are comfort and trust, and with the atmosphere she creates I am able to completely relax and discard negative energy.  I am so thankful to her for how she has helped my body and my soul!

Jared Wendlandt

"Massage stimulates the circulation in my injured leg and relieves the tension in my neck and shoulders. After a session with Chastity I feel invigorated and sustained. My body feels more aligned and in balance."

Frank Cuta

“Chastity has an excellent feel and intuition when performing therapeutic massage. She has really helped me with athletic recovery by performing the right amount of pressure and effort to achieve the maximum therapeutic benefit. I have been to many massage therapists and she has a great sense of touch and intuition in her service and I find it highly beneficial!  

Ian Spivack