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Practice. Presence. Power

Chastity Jewel

I am sincerely grateful for your presence and trust you are right where you need to be. I look forward to being of the highest service to you. 


All things free style dance and laughing out loud, movement that cleanses my mind, energy, and body.. as well as, matcha tea, deep conversations, genuine hugs, cozy clothes, long baths, water and waves, dark chocolate and strawberries, poetic language, cinnamon + everything coconut, gemstones, ancient rituals, ceremonies, anatomy, art, creating, gathering and circle time, teaching, loud music, learning, and YOU!

To thine own self be true, 


Angele Zamarron

Chastity’s online prenatal yoga classes really helped me prepare for birthing my baby, I was able to deliver my first baby feeling physically flexible enough for different laboring positions and strong the whole time despite having a long labor. I’m glad I started early as I did since I wasn’t getting much exercise in the first place, and Chastity always checked in to match the vibe of our sessions with my physical and mental state, while also appropriately gently increasing and decreasing the intensity of our sessions according to my pregnancy timeline. Not only did I benefit from her classes at the time of my baby’s arrival, but after every session I felt great and ready to face the day! I am so grateful for her help and highly recommend adding yoga with Chastity to your prenatal care routine.

The Best Offering for regular maintenance massage needs!

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