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Straight from the Source

I've been a client for Chastity almost three years and every time I see her.  I feel like a new person both physically, as well as spiritually and emotionally, she definitely pays attention to what you need, not only physically, but you have the right mindset at least for me being a former athlete.  I wish I had her while playing because I feel like a new person every time I see her.

Matt Johnson, Hanford High Football Coach, Richland Wa

She is an excellent therapist, guys.  She does a lot of high level techniques that she had never seen her do before she gave me facial cupping.  She also did some kinesio tape, which I have chronic upper neck.  She is always on this side and she focused And that area and then she did some kinesio tape on my elevator escape and she feels so much better.

Valerie Jones, LMP, Kennewick Wa

 I had a one hour session with her and within that hour I really feel like she was able to heal hers many of my ailments from hers in the days that followed, I just have better range of motion than I have over the years.

 I really am a therapist and I am picky who I go with, but I will continue to do so with Chastity.  I'm in awe of how professional she was of hers and her talent, she really has a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Tabitha Phillips, LMP, Kennewick WA

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