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Class Schedule + Description



Thursdays 6-7:30PM
March, April May 2024

Having trouble sleeping? Got discomfort from sitting at the desk too long? Maybe you just hustle Hard and need to hit the Pause button and slow down...

This class is for you! Intended to unwind tension from your body- leaving you feeling restored, open and relaxed.

Using tennis balls and massage therapy techniques to target areas in the body that tend to store the most stress- for example: the hips, the shoulders, the back and the neck. We compliment that with Yin Yoga poses to simmer the effects allowing the fascia connective tissue to release.

All while welcoming the sounds of Solfeggio tone frequencies that have the power to heal and raise consciousness.

Sleep like a baby and feel deep peace and calm. 

SYS backbend.png

Hot Yoga

Mondays 6 AM

Golds Gym

2909 Duportail St. Richland WA

Start your week off HOT! Move stagnant energy and emotions out and alchemize it into golden radiance. Class temperature ranges from 90-105 degrees with humidity. Advised to hydrate and bring an insulated water bottle, towel to wipe sweat and showers are available in-facility. Class is paced to you have time to breathe in poses and move methodically to a sequence targeting one area of the body or one pose. Such as Splits, Twists, Backbends, ect. Class theme will be announced at the week previous. We use props and the wall.  

Prenatal Yoga Class TM.jpg

Prenatal Yoga

Mondays 6:30-7:30pm
Columbia Birth Center
948 Stevens Dr Suite C Richland, WA

Connect with a supportive community of mamas-to-be and bond deeply with your baby! Each class offers safe movement, breathing exercises and guided visualizations to ease common-pregnacy related aches and pains. We gather to ward off stress and cultivate a positive mindset to enrich our labor and motherhood. 

Open and Fulfilled ✨Buti Magic _columbiabasinrc every Tuesday 6_30pm! #getsome

Buti Yoga
Galentines Buti: 2/10/24

Buti is a body sculpting, calorie scorching HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) that is seamlessly woven throughout a balanced Vinyasa Yoga sequence-giving you a ALL-IN-ONE workout. Buti offers a musically driven movement methodology that incorporates dynamic yoga asana with primal movement cardio-dance bursts and deep core conditioning. The most uplifting and endorphin producing practice! It all starts with connection to self love and a supportive community-join us and transform your body and mindset in a sustainable way.

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