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Class Schedule


Mindful Vinyasa @ Lotus of the Moon

Mindful movements slow, sultry, and delicious

Intented to unwind tension in your body leaving you feeling restored and balanced- strong and open.

Tuesdays 9:15am
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Heated Vinyasa @ Gold's Gym

Strength & Flow

Move stagnant energy and emotions out and alchemize it into golden radiance.

Monday's 6:30am
Prenatal Yoga Class TM.jpg

Prenatal Yoga

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm // Columbia Birth Center
948 Stevens Dr Suite C Richland, WA

Connect with a supportive community of mamas-to-be and bond deeply with your baby! Each class offers safe movement, breathing exercises and guided visualizations to ease common-pregnacy related aches and pains. We gather to ward off stress and cultivate a positive mindset to enrich our labor and motherhood. 

Image by Conscious Design
Yoga Flow and Restore Series
Wednesdays 6-7:30PM
11/16-12/21 2022

Each week enjoy a revitalizing yoga flow that will balance, strengthen and simmer you in deep stretches to promote wellbeing and calm.  Each class will have a different anatomical focus and include inversions. End the year feeling your best in body, mind and soul. 

Week 1: Twists, Binds and the Spine

Week 2: Side Bends and the Lats

Week 3: Core and Crows

Week 4: Hips; Internal and External Rotation

Week 5: Backbends and Psoas

Week 6: Front Splits and Hamstrings

Be accountable and bring a friend!  Each of you get $10 off your investment fee. 
All props and equipment is provided. 
Space is limited so reserve your mat NOW!


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