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Yoga Basics Series

at Lotus of the Moon// January 9th-February15th, 2023.

Yoga Basics Series provides a welcoming community and accountability for Yoga and Meditation practice. 12 classes are themed to address foundational yogic concepts, breathing practices and poses to stabilize and stretch the mind and body.

This program is for beginners, those who crave consistency and those who are ready to practice holistically. Meditation, mantra, mudra and movement.

Mats and all props are available for shared use! Only your presence is needed to participate. If you have a mat or personal props you'd prefer to use, please bring!

Jd and Chastity will guide students on a collaborative journey over the course of 6 weeks, with once class by each instructor offered every week at Lotus of the Moon.

Mondays with Jd and Wednesdays with Chastity


The journey begins Monday, January 9th and the final class is Wednesday, February 15th.

 If YOU want to create change in your life you have to commit. These weekly gathering series will help you carve out the exclusive time and space for self care and deep exploration of what you are capable of. Begin the year with calmness in mind, strength and openness in body, and devotion to your wellbeing.

The program is priced at $260 with a $55 deposit to reserve your space. Space is limited to 8. Sliding scale payment options are available; please contact with a short description of why you are interested in the program and how financial restrictions are affecting the situation.


Overview of curriculum:

Week 1: Presence, Props and Sun Salutations A

Week 2: Alignment and Sun Salutations B 

Week 3: Balance and Standing Poses

Week 4: Intuition and Seated Poses

Week 5: Flow + Transitions

Week 6: Love and Overview Class 

Feedback from previous students:

Chastity and JD,


I loved absolutely everything about the Yoga Basics Series.  I loved the class size – the limited number of people kept my anxiety and stress levels low.  I most especially enjoyed the two teaching styles.


My thoughts and perspectives on both instructors:


JD – her peaceful nature encouraged that quiet reflection.  I really started paying attention to my body, my breathe, and was able to quiet my mind and truly be present in class.  My family and friends would ask how yoga went, and I would always say, “it’s so subtle when it’s happening that you don’t notice just how many muscle groups you’re using… I’ll be sore tomorrow.”  I have shut myself down over the last several years, so to find myself looking forward to the free hug after class was truly something magical.


Chastity – the laugh and energy is infectious.  Which is great for her style of teaching… like the trainer that you love and don’t love so much… I was able to identify dozens of muscle groups that were sore after her classes.  My legs and arms would shake, if I sneezed the next day, my abs would ache.  I truly appreciated the focus on the physicality of her practice.  She made me try to dig deeper with each pose.  I needed that.


In conclusion, you’re both rockstars and I am so grateful to have been a part of this course.  You have impacted my life in the here and now in such a positive way.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.




Energy Healing
Reiki Attunement + SoundBath

January 8th, 2023 / 5pm / The Fitting Room / Richland, WA

Learn how gift yourself a Reiki treatment and simmer on rejuvenating Soundbath vibrations.  

Join us for a Reiki + energy healing infused SoundBath.

In this 60 minute session, you will be guided into a deep relaxation that empowers transformation on all levels. 

Receive an activation attunement through this gentle but powerful traditional Japanese healing modality.  Reiki utilizes 'universal energy' to clear physical and emotional blockages via the practitioners hands into the receivers body. A Reiki session can help relieve stress and anxiety, balance the subtle energy chakras and welcome in the next adventure for 2023.
*Our gift to you*

Receive 12 tumbled healing stones for each chakra point to continue your Reiki practice at home.

-Activation Attunements performed by Reiki Practitioner Teddi Von S.

A Reiki activation attunement is an effective way to disconnect from negativity that may be blocking you from abundance. Once disconnected there is open space for healing to commence.

Light touches for those who want it. Hand placements will be offered on the head, belly and feet.

Feel free to opt out of physical touch if preferred. 

Limited space for this special event, reserve your spot now!

image_6483441 (1).JPG
Teddi Vons

Teddi is an ICF Health Coach and Reiki Master specializing in earth-based healing.

cacao flyer  !!.jpg

Cacao Ceremony + Soundbath 

February 5th 2023 // 5pm // The Fitting Room
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