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Goddess Gathering

at Pure Yoga //  May 19th , 2018

A slow, spiraling yoga based movement practice ceremony to align the 7 chakras and invoke the Goddess within. Infused with essential oils to enhance the sensory experience. 
A Goddess card reading and journaling prompt. Please bring your writing tools. 
Closing ceremony with optional sharing!
 Breakthroughs await! 

For this 2 hr. offering, prices are $25 until May 13th 
(Give the Gift of a Goddess Gathering to the Goddess in your life!) 
Prices after May 13th is $35. 

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Reiki Energy + SoundBath

May 20th at Lotus of the Moon in Richland WA

"Balance can be attained in the mind and body through the healing medicine of sound"


Join us for a rejuvenating mini healing retreat. Take time and space to access deep levels of relaxation, Reiki energy healing and Sound Therapy. The combination of these practices lead to a state of receptivity in which all levels of the body can begin to open and heal.  

We will begin by briefly and gently stretching the body to release excess tension and then set up in a restorative savasana with blankets and props. Reiki Master, Dylan Scott will guide you through a Reiki meditation and be doing hands on Reiki healing. While resting, Chastity will guide you through a Soundbath meditation lead by vocal toning and instruments including chakra tuned crystal quartz singing bowls, tingshas, bells, shamanic drum and magic. 

Certified Reiki Practitioner: Dylan Scott

The San Diego born Reiki master inherits a tradition of natural healing. Following in his healer mother's footsteps. he has studied Tibetan naturopathy and cranio-sacral therapy. Mindfulness training with energy and love is Dylan's calling. Dylan has always understood the capability of beauty to enlighten and to elevate. Through this experience, he developed a love a light based therapy to reconnect individuals with their natural divine healing potential. Dylan is trained in Usui Sensei's Reiki method and is a current member of the Healing Touch Professional Association.

This is a monthly reoccurring event, held every 3rd Sunday of the month, 7-8pm

Investment: $25 for early registration, after May 13th the price per ticket is $30