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Yoga Basics Series

at Lotus of the Moon//  October 3rd- November 9th , 2022.

Yoga Basics Series provides sacred space and a welcoming community for foundational support along the yogic path. These foundations include themed key yogic concepts, effective breathing techniques and poses that stabilize and stretch the body.

This program is well suited for total beginners, practiced yoga students, and yoga teachers alike.

JD and Chastity will guide students on a collaborative journey over the course of 6 weeks, with one class by each instructor offered every week at Lotus of the Moon in Richland, WA. Mondays and Wednesdays 6pm - 7:30pm, starting October 3rd.

Program is priced at $250 with a $50 deposit to reserve your space. Space is limited to 8 and are filling up quickly. Please contact for sliding scale options.


Overview of curriculum:

Week 1: Presence

Week 2: Alignment

Week 3: Devotion

Week 4: Balance

Week 5: Release

Week 6: Celebration


Breathwork + SoundBath

October 9th at The Fitting Room in Richland WA

"Balance can be attained in the mind and body through the healing medicine of sound"


Join us for a rejuvenating mini healing retreat. Take time and space to access deep levels of relaxation, breathwork and Sound Therapy. The combination of these practices lead to a state of receptivity in which all levels of the mind and body can begin to open and rebalance.  

We will begin by gently stretching the body to release excess tension and then set up in a restorative savasana with blankets and props. Chastity will guide you through a breath pattern. Once established you will be invited to continue this pattern and trust the process.  While breathing, Chastity will intuitively play the Soundbath instruments which include chakra tuned crystal quartz singing bowls, kochi chimes, tingshas, bells, shamanic drum. 

There are mats and props available to share for added comfort but please be sure to bring your own blanket, pillows and other items of comfort. Dress warmly, add layers as the temperature changes with the breathing technique. 

Class is October 9th 5-6pm

Investment: $25 for early registration, price per ticket at door is $30.  


Yoga Nidra and SoundBath

Sunday November 6th // The Fitting Room in Richland, WA

Adding a Yoga Nidra practice for stress relief to the beginning of your SoundBath for the ultimate deep relaxation experience. This class is especially for individuals who feel stressed and exhausted daily


"Yoga Nidra is release of all doin, all effort to be anywhere but where you are. It is a subtraction of doing. In the absence of doing, you notice you are already whole." Yoga Nidra, The Art of Transformational Sleep

As when attending all SoundBaths, please bring your own comfort items including blankets, pillows and layers of clothes especially in colder season. Mats and props are available to share.

Price for SoundBath is $25 register in advance. $30 at the door.


Sunday December 11th // The Fitting Room // Richland, WA

Cacao ceremonies are a celebratory heart opening ritual that support the mind & body in connecting with the joy and magic of cacao. Traditionally cacao ceremonies have been conducted by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. The cacao used is chocolate in its purest form and has a distinctly bitter flavor-similar to black tea. Research studies suggest that flavanol-rich (antioxidants) cacao improves blood flow to the brain which boosts oxygen and nutrient delivery, contains healthy fats and can increase the levels of feel good hormones. Significant improvements are also noticed in mental focus, attention span and productivity. 

Upon drinking the cacao participants will be encouraged to move through gentle stretches to settle deeper into the body and eventually find a comfortable position to rest and tune attention to the harmonic SoundBath experience. 

Please remember to wear layers for warmth and bring blankets and pillows for comfort. Mats and props are available to share. 

Price for event is $25 in advance, $30 at the door. 


Cacao Ceremony & SoundBath