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Natural Remedy for Anxiety: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Hey friend! How are you feeling? What if I told you about a natural way to soothe the anxiety we all inevitably have? First let's do a quick mindfulness check in.. Sit up tall, recline or even lay down. Bring greater attention to your breath. Slowly in... and gently out… give yourself 2 more of those sloowww and full breaths.

Now, lets begin the breathing technique of Alternate Nostril Breathing aka A.N.B or Nadi Shodhana.

Hand placement:

Using your right hand, peace fingers (index and middle fingers) gently press against the forehead and stay there. Use your thumb to seal closed the right nostril (where you feel the cartilage end and the flair of the nostril begin).

Inhale and exhale out of the left side.

Using the ring finger, seal the left nostril and release the right (a micropause). Take a deep breath in and out the right side.

Let's begin:

Close the right nostril (with thumb) and inhale left side. Close the left, micro pause as you switch and release the right and exhale.

Inhale left, micropause as you seal and release right to exhale out that left side.

Congrats! ^That is considered 1 round of Alternate Nostril Breathing (A.N.B)!

Beginning and ending with left side, remember to breathe in and out slowly and enjoy 4-10 more rounds depending on the effect you want, the more dramatic the results is equal to the more time you spend breathing in this way.

My personal recommendation is to: Practice A.N.B upon waking, before screen time and while you are least anxious/stressed to set the tone for the day. Of course, anytime is a good time to practice- and there are no hard and fast rules, so feel free to experiment with A.N.B whenever you need a dose of CALM and relief.

photo credit: Brian Butler

Benefits to A.N.B:

Reduces anxiety and stress

Calms nervous system

Infuses the body with nourishing oxygen

Clears and releases psychic irritants

Promotes a sense of balance and ease

Supports clear respiratory channels

Enhances ability to focus and concentrate

Increases mental clarity

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This really works! Thank you!

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