Optimize your life with conscious rest: A Yoga Nidra SoundBath.

Updated: Nov 5

Achieve peak performance and create a life of your design with conscious rest: A Yoga Nidra Soundbath. This is your guide for what to expect as a participant, the sequence of a Yoga Nidra practice and everything you will need to know about this unique experience.

Ever feel exhausted, burned out, or find yourself yawning even though its day time? Is it difficult for you to fall asleep at night or even at all? Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice originating in India that is easy to do and kid friendly and could be the golden ticket to your sleep and wellbeing issues.

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga for nearly 2 decades and recall the first class I ever took. The movement and poses were challenging and made me sweat! But the most memorable part was at the end, we laid down, the lights turned out and the teacher guided us through a body scan. I don't remember much of what she said after because I passed out and probably 5-10 minutes later I was awoken from the sound of my own snoring! Needless to say, I needed that nap and it's still a main reason I continue to go back on my mat. Adequate rest is essential for overall health.

My career as a massage therapist further enables me to know, the importance of rest. I see the profound effects from relaxation everyday in each of my clients. Within 1 hour of bodywork, how a person can come in chatty, complaining of pain or even emotionally off and once deeply relaxed I can physically see how their body naturally shifts into alignment. Their voice drops an octave, they walk out with smoother stride and a smile on their face. I know with all the information out there, how hard it is to find real accounts of information; so I am coming from my direct experience and practice on these modalities. My family listens to guided Yoga Nidras on apps such as Insight Timer every night to ensure restful sleep.