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Reiki energy and crystal healing the chakras.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing art that has a profound effect on reinstating connection. This compassionate modality soothes dis-ease where we've experienced pain and illness and helps bring a quiet sense of peace when we have endured stress and disharmony in our psyche. Giving and receiving Reiki creates receptivity and connection. By intentionally placing your hands on your body with relaxed pressure one can become a channel to allow the Reiki energy to flow.

Here is a couple Reiki hand positions to inspire your practice.

The Japanese character for Reiki is 霊気 and is interpreted as Rei -"Spirit", "Divine", "Sacred" and Ki as the vital "life force" energy that animates every living being. One could say Reiki is translated to the "Sacred Universal Energy". Similar to "Chi" and "Qi" and the Sanskrit term "Prana". Reiki is not a religion, rather a spiritual connection to ALL THAT IS.

Reiki tenants are:

Just for today: I will let go of anger.

Just for today: I will let go of worry.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

"Just for today" focuses attention on the Here and NOW. Choosing to avoid giving power to our repetitive thoughts and stories that draw heavy emotions. When we are caught up in the memories of the past or the expectations and worries of the future we feel exhausted and like we don't ever have enough time. Instead, when we practice mindfulness, the art of being present, we consciously choose to respond rather then react to life as it comes. There is so much sweetness in *this* moment, in an attitude of gratitude and in kindness for everyone.

A simple practice for daily tuning and clearing:

Begin by rubbing the palms of your hands together until there is a heat sensation between them. Turn on your deep breathing. Inhale through the nose and exhale extended audible sighs out the mouth. Smooth out the quality of your breathing and allow interoceptive awareness to expand throughout your body. Hone attention and relax the inside of the mouth, perineum, both palms of your hands and soles of the feet. Intuitively place your hands on your body (I usually start where I feel most chaotic energy or tightness). Imagine a soft golden white light transferring from above, like a cloud over your head pouring in the crown and filling you up with illuminating light. Every in breath you are absorbing. Every out breath there is a sustaining and circulating of that glowing light. Your hands become the transducers-highlighting and directing powerful energy to wherever it is needed most. Continue this visualization until you become completely infused with the golden white (or any color you choose) energy. Observe your aliveness as every bone, organ, vein, tissue, and cell are activated.

Feel free to move the hands to other areas as you feel guided to.

If you are familiar with the chakra system it would be helpful to rest your hands on each of the 7 energy centers that run the length of the spine. Reiki energy is intelligent and doesn't require you to know exactly where the pain and dis-ease is stemming from and how it works. Reiki is universal energy and it flows and heals the physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers. The more you perceive and believe it to.

Reiki, Chakra Balancing and crystal stones are all separate alternative health modalities but work very well together.

Always feel free to create your own magic and practice but here is a little guide and insight on the 12 healing stones you (will) received at the Reiki Infused SoundBath.

Some say it takes 24 hours to wear/carry a stone and feel the difference.

Some fun and effective ways to use your stones:

·         Hold the stone in your hand and set your intention then wear it or place it where it is needed

·         Keep a stone with you throughout the day connecting to it often.

·         Sleep with the stone

·         Place a stone in your room

·         Put the stones in a circle around you while meditating

·         Put the stones on your chakra points to connect and balance your energy

·         Put them in your bath

·         Put them in a purse or bag

The healing stones and their properties:

1.       Goldstone-Helps detoxify the body to ease pain associated with arthritis, inflammation and rheumatism

2.       Lepidolite-Helps ease insomnia, anxiety and stabilize emotions

3.       Covellite-Helps move the flow of energy through cells to loosen and break up blocked energies

4.       Moonstone-Has lunar energy and helps balance stress and emotions

5.       Amethyst-Protects against negative energies and helps you connect to your intuition

6.       Blue Lace Agate-Helps relieve aching, swollen glands and sore throats

7.       Jade-Boosts self-esteem and improves overall wellbeing

8.       Yellow Fluorite-Aids in detoxing the body

9.       Red Jasper-Enhances memory and helps detox the liver and blood

10.   Rose Quartz-Boosts heart health and when used in the sacral it helps heal emotional wounds

11.   Tigers Eye-Has solar energy and helps give courage to conquer fears and move forward

12.   Obsidian-Helps clear negative energy, keep circulation flowing and deep tissue healing


Stones are beautiful and powerful. When one calls to you buy it, research it, connect to it and use it! When you are done with a crystal feel free to bury it and give it back to Mother Nature. (And maybe just maybe someone will stumble upon it one day who needs it).

We have also attached a reference for what may be blocking the chakras to help aid you in your discovery journey.


Disclaimer: Healing stones or any other alternative health methods should never take the place of a trained medical practitioner. Please always seek professional medical care when needed.

If you are new to this modality and curious to learn more we have an upcoming Reiki infused SoundBath on March 19th, 2023. This experiential workshop is meeting at The Fitting Room in Richland, WA and begins at 5pm. Guided by Reiki Master Teddi Vons, she will teach an introduction of the chakras, a cord cutting practice and an attunement. We are offering a gift set of crystals to assist your chakra clearing at-home practice. Following up I (Chastity) will guide you through a chakra activating yoga session to move the energy from mind to body. Ending our session in savasana with Teddi giving hands on Reiki while we rest and integrate all the positive energy around and within us. Your will leave feeling calm, rejuvenated and embodied. There will be a link up on the events page of this site early February with all the details- please save the date! 🤍

We are here to support you and answer any questions! Email us at: Teddi: and Chastity:

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